Branding, Spatial Design, Art Direction 
I lead this project with QUBA while working at Field Design agency in Sheffield. QUBA are a digitial design agency based in Sheffield that focus on providing big brands with complex websites and digital systems. They came to Field looking for a fresh pair of eyes to expand upon their existing branding and consider how this new look would help to revamp their renovated school house offices.
    Using information and the brand values provided by QUBA I developed this simple twist on their existing logo — a combination of static and moving secondary elements. After visiting the office space I was then able to begin planning how and where these vibrant colours and graphical elements could be applied to the QUBA work space. This included vinyl installations, painting some walls, updating light fittings and furniture and even reconfiguring some of the layout. This gave the whole space a new lease of life and character to reflect their new playful identity.
    Lastly we bought in Helena Dolby, Sheffield based photographer, and art directed a photoshoot to record the new space for the clients website as well as take headshots of their staff.