‘Freerange’ Interior Educators Show

Branding, Social Media Campaign & Exhibition Design
While working within the awesome team over at Field, a design studio based in Sheffield, UK, I had the pleasure of taking lead on the design project for the 2017 Interior Educators Show. This exhibition showcases the best interior design work from universities across the UK every year. 
       The exhibition that year was hosted in the Truman Brewery, an old original building in the heart of Spitalfields in London. Taking inspiration from the red bricks that make up the building itself and the location on Brick Lane I created a visual language that worked as the logo for the show, stop motion animations for the socials and a large scale flexible system for signage and decoration on site during the event. I designed and made the custom net of the brick that became our symbol for the show and was used throughout the intirety of the creative campaign.