Editorial Design  
Each year the graphic design course at Sheffield Institute of Arts produces a catalogue and degree show documenting the work of it’s graduating students. Being in final year we had the opportunity to take on this design challenge.
    After gathering the troops, researching, and brain- storming me and my 3 friends pitched our idea to our tutors. The pitch was successful, so we went on to design this publication — with the intention of creating something a little bit different to the typical approaches of other universities and previous years. This is how weended up with the theme ‘Forged’.
    We opted for a minimal cover using merely our hero image of a steel Yorkshire pudding (cast and photographed by ourselves in the university workshops), this left inter- pretation open to the audience and we felt said a lot through not saying much at all. We wanted to celebrate everything about our course through the design of the publication, from its geographical location to the students it is producing. A not-so-serious tone of voice combined with functional layout and careful consideration of quality resulted in this SIA 2016 graduation book.