Hi. My name is Aliss Curtis.

I like designing, drawing and painting. I like plants, mountains and the sea.
    It is important to me that I use my time and skills to protect what I care about. Hence I aim to work on graphic design, illustration and mural projects with an environmental, community or social focus. My personal work always has a planet conscious lean and I love making work that celebrates the wonders of this world, and inspires others to protect it too. 
   I have worked with Conservation charities such as The Bob Brown Foundation, Orange Bellied Parrot Programme, Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, The Wilderness Society and Malbena Matters. Small businesses with a sustainable ethos and/or planet friendly products that I have worked with include Fernway Fabrications, Making Tracks, Lafa Energy Drink.

Contact me for any enquiries. I’m quite nice.