Processing W210:L6/7_16


As a personal project during my third year I decided I wanted to create a commemorative piece to represent me and my class mates. As a sort of goodbye to the course and as a memory and tribute to our three years together.


I had never before worked with Processing software or data visualisation, so I fancied the challenge of depicting the class of 2016 using data I gathered from my peers. Using everyone’s name, age, gender, place of origin and discipline I developed code (with the guidance of my tutor) that would enable me to visually output this information.


Having created this I then transferred my graphic onto the wall of our third year studio using a combination of emulsion and spray paint. After spending so long developing the code and the design it was great to finally bring it to fruition on the wall and share it with my class mates. Also finalising my outcome in this way felt pertinent to the point of the project.