Freelance graphic artist and designer. Currently travelling around New Zealand and happy to pick up projects here there and everywhere.

My work tends to take the shape of editorial, identity or spatial design, with an inclination towards analogue methods of production. I enjoy all stages of the creative prcoess, from research to realisation, and I'm pretty passionate about making things. Quality, concept and impact are especially important to me and my practice. 

Since studying design in Sheffield I began spray painting, having always had a keen interest in Street Art. I paint for fun and for commission, and often alongside my partner in crime Peachz. Together we make Fresh Mess. My work is generally pretty graphic and clean, I use abstraction, colour and pattern predominantly in my work, and more often then not take influence from my natural surroundings. 


For more information about myself or my work please don't hesitate to contact me:
+(44) 7707322111

Also for a more up to date portfolio of my street art and current projects check out my instagram account.